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E-commerce Business Case Study

Montana Fire Pits

Humble Beginnings

Montana Fire Pits got its start when the owner posting a few YouTube videos to show people how cool his outdoor gas fire pit burners were. Which turned into a few more videos and a few more until 4 years later the business was on track to break six figures in yearly sales.

When their marketing efforts plateaued, they turned to us and asked if we could help. We took their online presence and broke it down to the core elements and rebuilt everything from the ground up. We designed a new website, optimized their entire YouTube channel, built up their organic traffic and applied a number of strategies based on our findings in the Digital Activation Audit.

  • After 8 Months – Increased Sales By More Than 280%

google analytics report

Targeted Organic Traffic

One of their biggest stumbling blocks was getting more traffic. This is common with a lot of businesses. They set up a website and their whole online presence but completely underestimate how much work it is to drive targeted traffic to the website.

So, we used our SEO and Online Marketing strategies to drive highly targeted traffic to their website and in just eight months:

  • Increased Google Search Traffic By 266%

  • Increased Overall Traffic By 188%

Growing A YouTube Following

You can see in the YouTube analytics graph that before Montana Fire Pits decided to work with us, their YouTube traffic was stagnant. It certainly wasn’t growing at the rate they wanted it to.

As soon as we started the Online Marketing campaign, we optimized their entire YouTube channel to boost engagement. You can see where the graph continues to grow even through their off-season (winter).

  • Increased YouTube Watch Time By 428%

  • Increased YouTube Views By 252%

youtube analytics

jonathan howie

“Great experience so far! Next level stuff!”

How Did We Do It?

In order to figure out exactly WHY Montana Fire Pits online marketing wasn’t working, we conducting a comprehensive evaluation of their entire online presence. We broke down each individual element to figure out where the broken links were in their online sales process.

The Digital Activation Audit

Through our Digital Activation Audit, we were able to break down their entire online presence and determine exactly what was working and what was not.

We looked at their website, social media profiles, Adwords campaigns, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Web Master Tools, and everything in between. This allowed us to determine where customers were falling off.

From there, we worked out a strategy to their business back on track. We clued them in on exactly what needed to be done to take their online marketing to the next level and then we implemented it.


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