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Our Website Design Portfolio

Creative Design. Intuitive Feel. Built To Generate Leads.

Featured Website Redesign Project – Before

The Old Website

This is the original website design that Dumond’s Custom Furniture had when I started working with them back in 2016. You can see that it looks a bit outdated and rightfully so as it was built several years previous. But besides the outdated look, there were a number of things that needed to be changed on this website.

Non-Intuitive User Experience

The content that you see when you first land on this page looks all scattered about and has no real order or flow. This causes users to bounce around trying to find what they are looking for.

Lacking Clear Calls To Action

There was no clear way for a website visitor to reach the business. The business’s phone number, in particular, couldn’t be found without scrolling down the page or clicking through to the contact page. Having contact information prominently displayed at the top of your website will greatly boost conversions.

Featured Website Redesign Project – After

The New Website

Right away you can see the difference that an up to date layout can make. This website looks much more inviting than the previous design but we also changed a lot of things to improve conversion rates.

Intuitive User Experience

The second you land on this page you are introduced to some clearly defined sections within the website such as Dining Tables, Executive Desks, etc. which makes it easy for people to find exactly what they are looking for.

Clear Calls To Action

The new version of the website also features a prominently displayed call to action at the very top of the website. It mentions free shipping and then presents a phone number that can actually be clicked to call on mobile devices. This is a huge upgrade from their previous positioning.

Some Of Our Recent Web Design Projects

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“Travis did an excellent job on our websites. He took what another company did and actually delivered what we were looking for, On time and on budget. His content and design are outstanding. His improvements helped tremendously with SEO. I will continue to recommend and use Travis and the Missoula SEO Geek team for or web design and content.”

“Travis showed me a great deal of patience and care while working together on the vision I had for my website, branding, and business model. He was generous with his time and attention to detail. He was quick to respond to my many inquiries and I always felt well taken care of. My small business is my baby and Travis demonstrated that I could fully trust him with its inception and development. He offered a refreshing combination of both listening to my preferences and offering his own professional insight. I highly recommend the services of Missoula SEO Geek, whether you are local to Montana or not. Thank you Travis!”

“Travis is very knowledgeable about what he is doing. He almost always has the answers to our questions. The few times he hasn’t he wasn’t afraid to say “I’m not sure but Ill find out for you”. And he does just that with rapid response. He goes above and beyond for his clients. I will continue to have a business relationship with his company and would recommend you do as well. Thanks Missoula SEO Geek.”


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