Marketing Thesis

With over 2 billion websites online today, your marketing message needs to separate you from the crowd.

It All Starts With Your Marketing Thesis

For those of you wondering what a marketing thesis is, it’s essentially the core marketing argument that you use to attract new customers. It consists of your core offer(s) and the messaging that you use in your marketing to explain what your offer is and why it’s superior.

In all reality, a lot of businesses are completely missing a marketing thesis and instead just show up online and say “Here I am, buy from me.” In this day and age, it’s not enough to just show up and ask people to buy from you when there are so many other options online.

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Online Marketing Has Changed

Only a few short years ago, it was possible to put a website online with a basic offer that didn’t take much thought, only to have it generate consistent sales. People quickly caught onto just how much money could be made online. Over the years, more and more businesses have been coming online in hopes of getting a piece of the action.

Everyone Wants In On The Action

Even if you live in a small town and offer handyman services which wouldn’t seem competitive online since there can only be so many handymen in any given city, you’re now set to compete with the likes of Home Advisor and Angie’s List. Both of those companies might have an online marketing budget that’s greater than your total yearly sales. You can be sure that companies like these have invested heavily in creating a compelling marketing thesis that will resonate with their audience and now you have to compete.

It’s like this in pretty much any niche these days which means the days are over when you could set up your own website and make tons of money from it. Now, you have to have a compelling message that stands out from the thousands of online competitors in your niche who all want a piece of the action.


Why Is Your Marketing Thesis So Important?

As was just eluded to, it’s not enough to show up online these days and just say “Here I am, buy from me.” There’s just too much competition out there for that to ever be effective. It’s estimated that there are almost two billion websites online today with tens of thousands more coming online each and every day. It’s no wonder there’s so much competition out there with so many businesses wanting to get in on the action.

To be successful online, you actually need to engineer your messaging in a very specific way. It has to appeal both intellectually and emotionally to your target audience. It must separate your business from the crowd and clearly articulate why your offer is superior to anything else out there.

It’s not enough to just explain what you offer, how it’s great, and then expect people to buy from you. Your marketing thesis needs to cover every objection, peek the viewer’s emotions, and intellectually resonate with them. When all of these things are happening in combination, you actually have a chance at making a sale.

What Can An Effective Marketing Thesis Do For Your Business?

In all reality, a proper marketing thesis is the cornerstone of any effective marketing. You must clearly articulate what it is you offer and how it’s superior if you plan to make sales. It’s no different when it comes to online marketing. With that being said, it’s mind blowing the difference that an effective marketing thesis can make in your business.

Here’s a client of ours who set up their own website, developed some traffic, and was actually making sales through his website on a regular basis. He wasn’t getting the most out of his marketing though. So, he contacted us and we used our digital activation audit to craft his marketing thesis. Have a look at what happened when we applied his newly engineered messaging to his online marketing:


Could Your Marketing Thesis Be Holding You Back?

There’s absolutely no doubt about it. Look, when people find your business online, it’s not often that they are actually searching your business out. Most likely, they had a question or wanted to find out some information so they could make a more informed decision. They just happened to find your company.

Now all of the sudden they land on your website, social media page, or what have you. In the case that you have a compelling offer which draws them in right away, you might have a chance of closing the deal. However, if your messaging doesn’t resonate with them, they will just leave and go find another business online that does have a great offer.

With nearly two billion websites online, there’s bound to be competitors in your niche that are using a compelling marketing thesis. If you want to compete, the best thing to do is to create an offer that’s superior to your competitors. Then you have the ability to stick out and actually attract new business.

Your Marketing Thesis Ties Everything Together

In order to have success online, you need to have a compelling marketing thesis that ties everything together. There’s really no way around it. Without an effective marketing thesis, it’s tough to get any aspect of your online marketing to work. It’s the glue that holds everything together.

If your audience sees one message on your website and something completely different on your social media accounts, it’s going to confuse them. That’s why it’s important to use your marketing thesis consistently across all of your marketing channels. That even involves marketing that’s not online. The more people see your offer, the more familiar it will become and we all like things that seem familiar to us.

Your marketing thesis should be applied across your social media, email campaigns, paid ads, and all other forms of marketing both online and offline to keep things consistent. Doing so will drastically increase your odds of success. That’s why it’s the first component of our Digital Activation Marketing System!

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