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92% of consumers now read online reviews AND star rating is the #1 factor used by consumers to judge a business. Who’s looking like a better choice, you or your competitors?

Monthly Review Automation Case Study

Here are the initial results of the reputation management review automation campaign that we ran for Missoula SEO Geek.

  • Out of the 8 emails that we sent in the initial email delivery, we received 5 reviews and 1 person wanted to leave a review but didn’t have a Google account. So, I recommend putting your Facebook or Yelp page on the review pop up as well. I had one client leave a nice review on Facebook for likely the same reason. If people are having issues leaving a review on one site for whatever reason, by that point they are committed and having another option will likely still result in a review.
  • All 5 of the reviews were 5 stars
  • Everyone left great feedback that I actually found to be constructive for my sales, marketing, and delivery of services. I found a few places where I can improve and also areas where I’m doing a really good job.

Our Review Automation Results – A Snapshot

Review Automation For Missoula SEO Geek

Our Industry Leading
Reputation Management System

  • Fully automated review funnel: You get a custom review funnel just like the one we use for Missoula SEO Geek.
  • Requests sent in real time: Your customers get a notification to leave feedback promptly after completing work with your company.
  • 7 day follow up sequence: Not everyone has time to leave you a review right when they get your message. That’s why we send 3 distinctly different messages over the course of 7 days, reminding them to leave feedback for your business. This increases your review rate to as high as 80%. (People are automatically removed from the email list after they leave a review)
  • Custom “Review Us” email signature: Add a custom set of buttons to your email signature that allows people to leave you a review even if they didn’t get a chance to during the email/SMS message sequence.
  • Send unlimited requests via email: Add as many people to your automated review funnel as you please and send them an invite to leave you a review via email.
  • Send up to 200 requests per month via SMS text message: You can send up to 200 review requests per month via SMS text message. After that, it’s an additional $0.02/message.
  • Review monitoring & reporting: Automatically track your reviews, get important notifications, and track your progress over time with intuitive reports.

Advanced Reputation Management

  • Automated reputation management
  • Requests sent in real time
  • 7 day follow up sequence
  • Custom “Review Us” email signature
  • Send unlimited requests via email
  • Review monitoring & reporting


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