How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Small Business

If you own a business and are living in the 21st century, you likely know the influence that online reviews can have on your business. From Yelp to Facebook, Google, and Angie’s List, customers are leaving their feedback all over online and other people are reading it.

Did you know that 92% of consumers now read online reviews?

It’s crazy how influential a handful of Google or Facebook reviews can be for a small business these days. Google reviews, in particular, are of great interest to many business owners these days due to them directly affecting local rankings. That is to say, if you have a lot of great reviews on Google, your business is going to rank higher in organic search results than other businesses with fewer or lesser quality reviews.

So, we know how important online reviews are but how in the world do you get them?

Well, let’s start with the basics.


Set Up Multiple Review Profiles Online

First things first, you’re going to need to set up some online review profiles. Without them, it’s going to be relatively tough to collect online reviews. In the case of online review profiles, you really can’t have too many. So, don’t be afraid to start signing up with some of these companies.

Each online review platform has its own unique benefits. Below are some of the most common and most important review platforms. These would be the ones to start with in most cases.

Facebook: You can accept Facebook reviews directly on your business Facebook page.

Google: To start getting Google reviews, you will need to set up a Google My Business Listing and verify your location.

Yelp: Get your business registered with Yelp to start gathering more online reviews.

Angie’s List: Sign up on the Angie’s List Business Center for additional review opportunities.

YellowPages: We all remember this company from the phonebook days. Now you can sign up for business profile online.


Remind Your Customers To Leave Reviews

One of the easiest ways to get more online reviews is to simply ask and remind your customers to leave you reviews! It really can be as simple as asking. At times it may be a bit uncomfortable but your customers understand how important reviews are to the success of your business. Plus, it makes people feel good to have their voices heard. So, it’s really a win-win.

When Should You Ask Customers To Leave A Review

We suggest asking customers to review your business within 24 hours of closing a sale whether it’s a service or a product. Either way, you want to ask customers when it’s fresh on their minds. This will increase the conversion rate substantially versus waiting 4 or 5 days.


Simplify The Review Process For Your Customers

Let’s face the facts, most happy customers are not going to go out of their way to leave you a review online. It’s just not second nature for people to do yet. So, make it easier for customers to leave you reviews by placing direct links to your online reviews profiles on your website, in emails, and other places where your customers interact with your business.

This at least gives them a quick and easy way to leave their feedback online. If a customer has to search on Google to find your review profiles, you have already lost them. It needs to be really simple and easy for them to do. The fewer steps, the better. Crafting a thank you email with a link to your review profiles is a great example of making it easy for happy customers to leave reviews.


Thank People Who Leave You Reviews

This probably goes without saying but be sure to thank the people who do leave you reviews. This kind gesture will go a long ways in spreading the good word about your awesome business!


Are You Still Hesitant To Get Started?

Let’s face it, not every business owner has time to sit down and set up multiple online review profiles, ask and remind customers to leave reviews, and follow up when they don’t. If you are in this situation, what on earth do you do?

Or maybe you just aren’t comfortable asking customers to leave reviews.

Don’t fear, there’s a very simple and affordable solution!


Online Reputation Managment

If you want a consistent flow of positive online reviews but don’t feel like putting in all the work, we have a solutions for you. Our industry leading review automation platform allows you to automate the whole online review process.

The video below explains our review automation process in great detail:

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